Polar’s involvement in the ICEC-ICMC [‘Cryogenic Olympics’] Conference

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Polar Technology Management Group Ltd, based in Eynsham, Oxfordshire, is pleased to announce their full participation in this years’ ICEC-ICMC Conference coming to Oxford in September (details can be found here www.icec27-icmc2018.org).

Through both its engineering subsidiaries, SST Technology and Lentus Composites, the Polar Group has played an active role in developing new technologies and delivering manufactured product in the field of cryogenics for many years. Its heritage can be traced back to 2001 and since then has designed and manufactured cryogenic suspension systems for superconducting magnets used on the International Space Station, novel power generation plants in wind turbines and on cryostats within MRI scanners all over the world. In this respect, the Polar Group have delivered over 2,000,000 components for various cryostats in operation across a number of global branded platforms.

The Polar Group are experts in the development, qualification and manufacture of cryogenic composite components and complex cryogenic pipework, manifolds and cryostat assemblies, for
high volume applications such as MRI scanners and lower volume, scientific instruments. The Polar Group’s engineering companies: SST Technology and Lentus Composites are hosting a visit at their facilities in Eynsham on Friday 7th September 2018 exclusively for the ICEC-ICMC Conference delegates.

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