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Polar Technology’s Chairmen, Scott Roberts and Mike Dewhirst have recently become Freemen of the Coachmakers.


The Coachmakers are an active livery investing in young people.  It also provides a forum for meeting like-minded people whose interests centre on the automotive and aerospace industries, coachmaking and the armed forces.

“To be involved with such an established membership is a great honour.  The Coachmakers will help provide us with networking opportunities and to further our knowledge in supporting young people through apprenticeships and training. We enjoy supporting associations that plan for the future, as the young people of today will be the future business leaders”, said Scott Roberts.

Both of Polar’s trading companies SST Technology and Lentus Composites currently runs apprenticeship programs.  Should you wish to join us or know of someone that wishes to join our dynamic team, please email Sharon@polartechnology.co.uk. We will be interested to hear from you!

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